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What is coaching?

There are many forms of coaching methods, definitions and philosophies. We wish to provide over-arching knowledge that is common to all the best forms of coaching available today. So we provide an up-to-date definition as well as a glossary of terms. Continue reading What is coaching?

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Stress Management

The HSE in their 2008 study show: “that in 2007/08 an estimated 442,000 people in Great Britain, who worked in the last year,  believed that they were suffering from stress, depression or anxiety caused or made  worse by their current or past work. This equates to 1,500 per 100,000 people (1.5%) who  worked in the last 12 months in Great Britain”. Continue reading Stress Management

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Mixing coaching & mentoring

In practice, when coaching, mentoring may sometimes be needed. Why is that?

Coaching, since Tim Gallwey, is perceived universally as a facilitative process, whereby the coach attends to the coachee and their learning. This attention to the coachee and their learning leads to the use of just three principle instruments of coaching, namely: questions, challenge and (Self-reflective; SR) Silence. Continue reading Mixing coaching & mentoring

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STEPPPA Coaching Model

Angus McLeod’s coaching model includes ‘E’ emotion as a vital element of any target or goal.

EMOTION is at the heart of motivation and de-motivation. STEPPPA includes EMOTION rather than ignoring it! Continue reading STEPPPA Coaching Model