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Angus McLeod, Director & Developer

PhD., B.Tech., Dip.Coach (NC), MISNS., AMC., etc. ‘Expert Coach’ status in Meta-Coaching , iWAM cert. NLP Prac. & Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M), Hogan cert.

Dr McLeod coaches 1-2-1 internationally, facilitating ‘beyond-high-performance’. His coaching master-classes are enjoyed globally. He has considerable senior-management experience: holding 13 UK and US Directorships (including CEO and Chairman positions) from manufacturing and retail to environment and including international, heirarchical & matrix organizations. Angus has written 5 books and 80+ papers on coaching and leadership. He is a trained counselor, coach and facilitator.

He has produced over 100 videos on coaching & leadership. Angus invented the internet-based ‘coaching’ service called ‘Ask Max.’ This was launched in 1999 and first used by Sainsburys in 2000. Dr McLeod is External Research Supervisor at Birmingham City Business School. His interests iare applied research within the areas of coaching and leadership. His ‘Coaching for Leaders’ apps are marketed by GNOWBE. For Angus’ coaching blog, click here | Bio Click Here

Judy Barber leads our Executive Women initiatives.

Judy is the author of the coaching classic: ”Good Question! the Art of Asking Questions to Bring About Positive Change’. Judy knows that women can ‘have it all’ by finding balance, making good choices, bringing selected dreams into reality and breathing life into living.

People choose to work with Judy to achieve personal, career and business goals and when they want authentic evolution in the quality of their lives.

Judy is a freelance coach, facilitator and writer – since 2003. She has a B.Ed in English, Psychology and Education, certificates in Drama Therapy, NLP, Newcastle College Performance Coaching, Fraser Clarke Business Coaching and ‘Clean Facilitation’. Judy also trained as a Hippocrates Health Educator, mentoring in wellness, with specialty-skills in raw vegetarian food.’

Dr Carpenter, Junior Schools Education
Dr Carpenter’s career is centered in education. She has demonstrated turn-around in very large inner-city ‘problem’ schools in the Pennsylvania State, winning awards and plaudits for her inspirational change-work. Now, she leads teams that continue to work with schools as managing change-agents for the wellbeing and the achievement of young kids. An authorative and enervating key-note speaker, she is able to galvanize very large audiences. Adrienne slows down slightly for Thanksgiving and Christmas but has the energy and drive of a shuttle-launcher. Unstoppable, captivating, and now available in the UK.

Rajeev Dr Rajeev Gupta, Team Leadership, Communications & Emotional Intelligence


Rajeev is a Consultant Paediatrician with a huge commitment to the benefits of psychological wellbeing to human health. He has completed an in-depth study of communication skills and styles, and how communication influence actions (your own and of people around you). His model of communication in the medical field has been published in the British Medical Journal. He now runs body language workshops where people feel instant changes in approach and a strong rapport for influencing actions.

He is a master coach on emotional intelligence and uses EQi and MSCEIT and many other tools for coaching including traditional tools. His EI workshops are well-received in numerous organizations including the NHS. He has made a number of appearances on Channel 4 TV.

“Rajeev is a dedicated trainer, mentor and coach with excellent communication skills. He inspires and motivates. He is passionate about empowering individuals. I am sure Rajeev will continue to inspire many more.” – Abrar Hussain

Amechi Udo, MA, HRM, CNLP, Performance Coaching Diploma (Bus), BA (Hons)

Impactful career management and development with key leaders, managers and influencers is at heart of Amechi’s work. Creativity, challenge and commitment are the core attributes Amechi brings to his coaching. He is skilled in enabling people and teams to excel in their roles for individual, team and organisational benefits – Amechi’s passion and commitment to the positive benefits available through coaching and coaching-skills development are evident to those who engage with him. Everyone wants to engage with him and everyone does.

“Amechi is a natural leader, inspiring me and others to walk with him and excel. He has an irresistible personality – charisma in spades.” Angus McLeod.

“I would recommend this form of coaching to most leaders in senior positions and particularly those facing new challenges. I have found it invaluable.” JF, Team Leader, Financial Services

“You have such a great gift for stimulating thought and making the things so clear”  Jacqui Campbell, MD, JMC Coaching & Consulting.


Sue Noble, Senior Facilitator, Coach and Star Trainer

Sue has designed and delivered a vast range of management, coaching and communication courses and workshops for both large and small organisations. Sue’s style is both inspiring and engaging – she uses a range of practical, meaningful exercises and activities to help link theory and methodology to practical application. Sue also provides 1-to-1 coaching for staff and managers within both private and public sector organisations to executive level.

Sue is a qualified trainer, has a Diploma in Performance Coaching, is an NLP practitioner and has an Advanced Certificate in Emotional Intelligence. Sue is also a National ‘Coach of the Year’ Award winner, which she gained in June 2006.


Jayne Sharples, Senior Consultant

Jayne has a diploma in coaching practice and brings to AMA her experience of working in the Higher Education and Professional Education Sectors. She designs and delivers creative organisational coaching programs and 1-to-1 coaching for staff throughout organisations. Jayne is a thought-provoking coach, providing challenge and seeking out energy to enable higher levels of performance and creative, innovative solutions.

Her previous professional experience includes business development and marketing roles, working with private and public sector clients in the UK and Europe. Currently she is working on a student enterprise project and is passionate about access to coaching at all career stages.

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