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  • Who is the best coach?  ‘Angus McLeod’, Robert Dilts, co-founder & developer of NLP, 2004
  • Eye-opening, remarkable, extremely valuable“, Marco Simental, 2021.
  • Angus’ knowledge + contribution are excellent. GT
  • Thanks also for the really inspiring keynote speech. Maggie Jeffery
  • Angus McLeod sets a high standard of teaching by story telling. His examples of coaching dialogues serve so well to illustrate how to skillfully handle many coaching situations. Sir John Whitmore, author, ‘Coaching Performance’.
  • Superb advice from a master coach. Richard Denny, Chairman, Richard Denny Group and author of `Motivate to Win`
  • Angus McLeod offers strategies for challenging and or supporting the key governors of growth and development in the organization. Judith DeLozier, co-founder of NLP
  • Angus has done excellent work, elegantly integrating and adapting the skills of NLP into the process of coaching. Shelle Rose Charvet, author of ‘Words That Change Minds’
  • The world needs as much of Angus McLeod as he can share…I think what he brings to the table is an alternative to the ‘command and control’ approach to leadership and development, and that caring and concern can be an effective alternative to ‘kicking ass’. Jim Brush, imarkup.com
  • It was a delight and privilege to observe a masterful coach at work. ICF National Official
  • Flabbergasted, transforming. John Watson, international Cable TV/web/comms business.
  • Particularly enjoyed Angus’ coaching and watching his techniques. Louise Williams.
  • Angus, your diploma course on Performance Coaching inspired me to give up golf club management and return to my passion for full-time coaching. Without your input it would not have been possible to write this book, many thanks and best wishes, Brian Sparks (author of ‘Positive Impact Golf’).

“Many thanks for a sensational and thought provoking presentation” Nancy E. Parsons, CEO, CDR Assessment Group Inc. Tulsa, OK.

“Angus was our key note closing speaker at 2010 Euro Coach List Conference. Angus has the skill of being able to convey complex information in an engaging way that allows people to not only understand but apply what they have learned effectively. I really valued Angus’ wider support and encouragement to help make the conference a success. Thank you”. Amechi Udo, Inspirational Coach. November, 2010

“Angus is a superb thinker able to work across an astonishing range of styles from fine detail to breathtaking creativity. He brings a perfect blend of support and challenge to his working partnerships and his coaching is of exceptional standard. A coach of the highest international standing, he is the finest choice for any CEO or Board, as a professional coach and strategic development partner.” Will Thomas, CEO, Vision for Learning Ltd. September, 2009

“Angus McLeod has a rare combination of penetrating perception, wit, humour, authenticity, and humility. Standout abilities include:
– taking complex issues, ideas and concepts and distilling them to appear simple and digestible, giving his audience immediate implementable actions, as well as a hunger and appetite to explore such complexity.
– contribution at a very personal level while also contributing to community and collective initiatives in various domains.
– multi disciplinary; Angus has an eclectic and diverse life and professional interests and experiences that have cultivated within him a great depth and empathy while paradoxically breeding a joyful lightness of being and equanimity.
Time spent with Angus in any capacity is engaging, enlightening, provocative and fun!” Michelle Duval, Co-Founder and Co-Director, The Meta-Coach Training System. Author, July, 2009

“Angus adds clarity in a very supportive way. His warm approach is textured with a keen attention to detail. He leads by example in terms of being action orientated and his enthusiasm is positively inspiring. My world is a better place for knowing him.” Michael Byrne, Managing Director, QBC Executive Coaching. June, 2009

“Angus is both gentle and hard-hitting at the same time. He takes no nonsense but has empathy and compassion. He can get through some “sticky” issues and still deal with the softer side. Angus knows exactly what it takes to bring the best out in people and when he coaches, it’s almost as if he’s pulling rabbits out of a hat with his skill and ability to take people to their next level of performance.” Veronica Lim, Personal & Executive Coach. June, 2009

“Highly intelligent, warm and approachable, Angus has a unique coaching style and the ability to tap into the most complex underlying issues quickly and effortlessly through his highly skilled coaching techniques. Angus is a pleasure to work with. In the training room he blends professionalism with humour and intellect without domination or arrogance and consistently receives high evaluations for his work. Over the past few years of knowing Angus he has become a trusted work colleague and trusted friend as well.” Sue Noble, Management Coaching Specialist, Sue Noble Associates. June, 2009

“I was aware of who Angus was long before I met him – he is highly respected in the coaching world. His book ‘Performance Coaching’ is a must-read for anyone interested in being the best coach they can be. Having read this book, I was delighted to find myself with the opportunity to work with, and to learn from, Angus. His passion for coaching is infectious and he plays a key role in ensuring the growth and development of coaching.” Jacky Pratt, Director, Ambition Coaching Ltd. June, 2009

Wharton Global Leadership Coaching: (5 Programs):

Angus was extremely professional and help me a lot during the entire process. Extremely empathic, experienced and challenge me during the process. Definitely after the process I am a better person and a better manager

I can say that this program was extremely helpful. Angus is an insightful and seasoned coach, easy to talk with,
and possesses an amazing wealth of experience that he leverages as needed based on the multiple cases and scenarios I presented. I would encourage all GMP participants to leverage this terrific resource and hope they are fortunate enough to get Angus

Angus is a seasoned and very practical coach who is very adaptable to the changing priorities. He is very well organized and makes sure the process runs as seamless as possible

Very knowledgeable and effective coach with an awesome personality

Angus is fantastic – a blend of empathy and experience who genuinely cares for your development.

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