Coaching for Project Leaders & Managers – ILM level 3 (AMA Certificated) – 5 days in separated training-days with interval activity

Why Should You Consider This Programme?

This is a Coaching Practitioner programme to provide individuals with core coaching skills through practical learning. You will develop a broad understanding of both business and life coaching and gain knowledge of techniques and processes that can be applied immediately in the workplace. These coaching skills will enhance performance and give individuals the ability to coach others. The course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) with an awarded certificate and delivered by Angus McLeod Associates.

Who Is The Programme For?

This Coaching Practitioner programme is aimed at employers and employees who have had no prior coaching experience who wish to pursue a career in life or performance coaching. It offers a varied and more creative context to life and business coaching and is not just limiting to people with managerial experience. With a more practical based learning approach and blended learning techniques, individuals will learn hands-on coaching in the classroom providing them with the confidence, expertise and motivation to coach successfully.

Assessment, Evaluation and Follow Through

Informal assessment and in-depth feedback is given during the workshops. Formal assessment is conducted to ensure that the level of work meets the agreed ILM national standard. This consists of:

• Six hours of practical work-based coaching practice
• Completion of a 1,000 word coaching assignment
• Co-coaching groups outside of the training days
• At the end of the programme, an AMA certificate will be awarded

The Programme

The five workshops aim to develop 25 core coaching skills across the following modular format, key ones include:

• Greater understanding of coaching, why coaching works
• Developed skills in questioning, listening, challenging, reflective language and other coaching techniques
• The development of coaching plans
• Goal setting
• Coaching using a range of Transactional Analysis theories
• Providing support as a coach

Delivery is flexible and uses accelerated learning, neurolinguistic programming and techniques drawn from emotional intelligence to tap into participants’ multiple levels of intelligence.

How Does The Programme Work?

The Coaching Practitioner course has been designed to be as flexible as possible around your business needs, and can be tailored to the organisation’s requirements. It consists of a five day face-to-face programme on a modular basis, with 25 core coaching skills developed throughout. The course incorporates practical learning via real coaching sessions and group learning, facilitated by experienced and qualified tutors.