We Use Proven Methods


All our coaches have attended AMA assessment centres where core competences are assessed by a minimum of three senior coaches. AMA Coaches are expected to use the tools most appropriate to the coachee (and any corporate remit – e.g. you may not wish coaches to help your people leave your organisation or to raise expectations above realistic levels). We do have an AMA code of ethics including CPD.

All our coaches can work at the highest levels of coaching best practice as defined by Prof. Angus McLeod. These relate to the effect on the coachee and are measureable:

Level 1: intellectual stimulation of the coachee

Level 2: ditto but including short, alert periods accessing facts

Level 3: ditto but with short, deeper, self-reflective periods which are characterised by physiological quietness

Level 4: ditto but with deeper level, self-reflective periods which are over 2 seconds in length (sometimes much longer) and which often lead to carthartic realizations and motivations.

In all cases, facilitation is the primary means of supporting the coachee to self-motivated and sustainable decisions [Mcleod, 2007]. Where a coachee is stuck, the coach moves to mentoring and provides contextual information. They then revert to coaching again. If necessary, if a coachee is still unable to comprehend and area for essential development (due to lack of experience or understanding) the coach will offer mechanistic approaches including scenarios, plans, self-assessments or reading, so the coachee can again move forward within a predominently facilitation-environment.

Another aspect of professional coaching that differentiates AMA from most other coaches is that we ask questions that are predicated on ‘being of use to the coachee’s learning and not to provide information for the coach’. Many coaches outside the AMA college do ask questions purely for themselves! That is because they lack the skills needed to facilitate the coachee’s learning journey; they rely instead on their own resources in order to steer the coachee. Talk to any of our staff coaches for a no-obligation, free discussion!


Our style is facilitating wherever possible. We seek to offer learning journeys with your own people taking part in the facilitation of that journey if you want. We only use models which can be learned and put into use quickly. Our aim is that your people should be effective and not dependent upon us for further refreshers (of over-complicated models). We can also train-the-trainer so you can roll out the training later. We offer videos, learning journies, supporting lesson plans for Active Learning Sets and group facilitation as fits the needs of your people. Talk to us now and see how easy it is to deal with people who care about you and your aims.