Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing & Health

Our lead on EI is Dr Rajeev Gupta who has a wealth of talent in transforming people using an eclectic mix of learning-styles to raise conscious perceptions of EI in both individuals and the group itself.

  • Impact
  • Motivation of Self & Others
  • Raised communication & influencing skills
  • Underpinning the benefits of developing colleagues and stake-holders

Emotional Intelligence has been said, along with IQ., to be a prime factor in success. Wherever our efficacy is predicated on the performance of co-workers, EI must impact on that effectiveness. When we are influential with others, then we raise the game of the whole team.

EI development starts with self. Dr Gupta facilitates new individual perceptions (about self) to generate communication within the group which then leverages transformational step-changes.


We know that step-changes in performance come from inner work and that EI is a key agent in achieving this appropriately in working contexts. Coupled with other strategic and practical methodologies, including coaching, action learning sets etc., can further enhance the impact of Dr Gupta’s workshops within organisations.

“Rajeev has immense insight and understanding of emotional intelligence. His workshop has given me a new dimension to think about myself and the work I do. I  have more positive influence”. – Taz, Lead for Service Innovation at Local Care Direct

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