How do coaching, mentoring & counselling etc. relate?

How do Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling etc. relate?


The use of questioning, challenge and silence to assist a coachee towards a defined work-based target. These are often present issues or ones that relate to the future.

Performance Coaching:

It is generally considered that Performance Coaching centers only on mental techniques and targets without exploration of emotional material including communication and relationship. This is wrong since the bulk of issues affecting executive performance is about communication and relationships. Also, since emotion is the key element of motivation, any coaching method that misses the emotional impact on targets is flawed.


Mentoring ideally adopts all the skills of Coaching. The best mentoring helps the mentee to find their own solutions using the three Principal Instruments. Most mentoring seems to be on culture-specific advice and suggestions, information on organizational structures and procedures including politics, agendas and influencing strategies.

Life Coaching:

The use of questioning, challenge and silence to assist a coachee to a defined personal target.

Counseling & Psychotherapy:

The use of questioning and silence to assist the mentee to manage or redefine personal issues. Very often, these are located in the past.


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