Coaching Teams

Angus McLeod and his coaches work with whole teams individually. Roll-out is often conducted with introductory sessions, so that expectations are all on the ‘same-page’. The Coaching Journey approach (extending the whole coaching program for every individual by almost double) is most popular and produces cost-savings.

Dr. McLeod also works in group, with boards/teams to coach in real-time, for increased functional performance. This is a sensitive learning environment where the raised participation and creativity of team members is underpinned while preserving and augmenting dignity and self-confidence.

Profiling systems that work, including iWAM and Hogan can be applied to provide team-members with specific feedback for gap-management and 1-2-1 coaching interventions. Also, in team dynamics. Many other simpler models of learning and change can be recommended – it is a fact that any model, however good, can be applied successfully in teams, particularly when simply learned and tested by everyone.