Ask max: THE e-mentoring service

Going through change? Been through change and wanting to get your remaining team on track? ‘Ask Max’ is THE cost-effective system for teams of executives; providing 24 hour back-up for stressed teams and those living through significant corporate change. ‘Ask Max’ supports change and in-house training with rapid, new learning for those executives that need it, exactly when they need it. And it could now cost less than £50 a month!

“Thanks for your reply, it is definitely one of the most useful e-mails I have ever been sent” Sainsburys Manager #23.

Ask Max supports high-performance and stressed teams.

Since 2000 Ask Max has been the e-mentoring choice of government and other organizations in the UK. Coaches are hand-picked from the Coaching Foundation, and will mentor your executives wherever they are in the world.

  • Max supports change: helping managers through challenge
  • Max helps people perform better: extends thinking, confidence and motivation
  • Managers clear up issues with ‘Max effect’
  • Max encourages high performance from stressed teams
  • Telephone and 1-2-1 contact, as required.

“Meant that I actually did something about the issue, I was avoiding it” Manager #41.


How ‘Max’ works:

  • You only pay for those staff who enroll in any quarter
  • Staff quickly identify & dump their issues by email and get back to efficient work as a result of logical detailing
  • At any time or time-zone & in complete confidence
  • Trials available on a quarterly basis (25 minimum)
  • You get a free AMA Training & Development ‘Needs-Analysis Report’ based on the real issues we log
  • Encourages pro-activity and motivation
  • Develops confidence and resolves dilemmas
  • Quickly deals with communication and relationship issues.

“The great benefits of the process are in its simplicity and impartiality (no hidden agendas) i.e. simply having someone that is not related to the company asking you questions, challenging your thinking and providing advice and guidance” Manager #7.

The monthly cost per person, over a three-month period, for 59 & 199 people is typically between $60-94 pm*. Talk it over, that will cost you nothing!

* The costs are higher for the lower numbers and are subject to taxes at the prevailing rate.