Mental Toughness

Behaviors & Performance from Raised Mental Toughness

Noticeable change in behavior/performance should be expected. The organization can notice and therefore measure (before AND after) the following:

  • Calm and rational in times of stress
  • Flexible and creative when need/solutions are urgent
  • Increased pragmatism
  • Greater self-confidence in stress situations
  • Reliable and consistent within any work-context and situation
  • More willing to take on stretch-goals
  • More focused and less inclined to be fire-fighting when the fire is over
  • More efficient and requiring less time to achieve with the same managerial workload
  • Dealing with feedback with demonstrated changes of behavior/performance where these are in the interests of the organization.

AMA Interventions

AMA interventions can be tailored and designed to meet needs. As you would expect, we can offer you JUST the 1-2-1 Mental Toughness Coaching Service as a support to your own initiative. However, if you want to outsource a change program we can offer elements to produce your whole, themed, Mental Toughness requirement now:

  • Measurement of Mental Toughness Outsourcing with AMA
  • Stress-awareness and self-management
  • Smart thinking psychology for executives (state-management + positive thinking)
  • Managing Conflict (internal and external variants as required)
  • Feedback Plus – enjoy feedback
  • Goals – managing multiple outcomes
  • From Firefight to Leadership – awareness and strategies for high-performance work
  • 1-2-1 Mental Toughness Coaching Service – enhancement branded for you.

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