The Coaching Foundation

The Coaching Foundation Ltd (President, Sir John Whitmore; founders: Steve Breibart and Dr Angus McLeod) ran not-for-profit practice sessions on weekday evenings and full days of trainings and conferences. Events included:

  • ‘The Power of Silence’ (Angus McLeod & Steve Breibart; experiencing silence as a tool for change),
  • Myers Briggs (Steve Breibart),
  • Metaphor (Penny Tompkins & James Lawley)
  • The heart of the coach (Angus McLeod)
  • GROW (Myles Downey)
  • Psychotherapeutic methods including Provocative Therapy and Gestalt as well as skills taken from the performing arts.

One & two-day courses have been run by Sir John Whitmore; the Opera Director – John Abulafia; Michelle Duval and, Shelle Rose Charvet (author of the international best-seller, Words That Change Minds).

You can join the e-community here.

The Coaching Foundation is a stimulating learning-place for coaches, mentors and trainees. The web site can be viewed here.

The CF encourages stretching the boundaries of experience and learning: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming; including Sue Knight), Transactional Analysis, Performance Coaching, Clean Language (Dr David Grove), Metaphor & Symbolic Modelling (James Lawley & Penny Tompkins), Alpha Leadership (Julian Russell, Robert Dilts and Anne Deering) and Provocative Therapy (Frank Farrelly).

We have a code of ethics for Coaches evolved from various inputs to Steve Breibart for which we are grateful. We now offer open programs for coaches and hope to set or inspire International Standards for Coaching.

You can join the e-community here. With expert, successful coaches in different coaching disciplines, this is agreat place to learn and challenge your thinking and experience of coaching technology today.