Coaching Master-classes

Captivating, ‘wow’ learning with live coaching and inspiring debriefing sessions that capture learning for the audiences at all levels of skill. These master-classes underpin and ‘make sense of’ coach-training and pull the learning together. They introduce new and ‘inspiring’ learning that can be applied by the cohort/audience when they get back to work.

Master-classes are run both ‘in-company’ and for events/conferences internationally. They are highly stimulating events where participants experience performance-coaching at the top level (4). Each coaching session is debriefed in detail, so everyone understands why changes in language and intervention were made and how to practice these skills in managing and coaching.

Video and DVD material are made available.   Watch the FREE master-class ‘short’ below. See more master-class example videos by clicking the ‘masterclass videos’ link to the right of your screen!

“It was a delight and privilege to observe a masterful coach at work” ICF National Official.

Recipients include government, healthcare, NHS, Aerospace, family mediators, conferences etc.

Master-classes include theory inputs and practical sessions to apply learning together. We also provide master-classes  as part of coach-training courses, both on and the off-shelf. The shortest master-class we do is about 2.5 hours. See a short example of the practical session here below:

Typical master-class Content  (1 Day Program)

  • What coaching is and is not
  • The four levels of coaching and how to easily measure a coach’s effectiveness level
  • Miracle in coaching
  • Benefits to the organization and coachee
  • Qualities and Mindsets of the effective coach
  • Rapport, trust and risking for impactful interventions
  • Learning Zone
  • Managing & Leading
  • Coaching Models (select one or more, e.g. STEPPPA, GROW, SMART etc)
  • Listening, Questioning and Silence
  • Exercises
  • Authenticity of the coach
  • Exercises
  • Group Learning
  • Book signing by Angus
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