Services Director @ AMA

PhD., Dip.Coach (Newcastle), MISNS & ‘Expert Coach’ in Meta-Coaching & ACM (Accredited Master Coach: IIC&M)

iWAM Certificated in meta-program profiling/coaching

Hogan Certified

Trained counselor & facilitator.

  • Invented & co-launched the internet ‘coaching’ service ‘Ask Max’ in 1999.
  • Designed diploma e-learning coaching courses for Newcastle College, attracting >20,000 students.
  • Held 13 main-board Directorships in the UK & US.
  • ICF: Run workshops (including advanced-level) at Regional, National (UK) and International ICF meetings.
  • Association of Coaching: Run workshops at Regional trainings (UK).
  • Global Leadership coach for 7 Wharton programs.
  • Writes management books (see navigation) now in many languages.
  • Designs and facilitates coaching programs for managers.
  • Coaches 1-2-1 internationally (including senior, global executives).
  • His coaching master-classes are widely delivered and been enjoyed in many countries.
  • Global Coaching Leadership Award, 2015 (World HRD Congress).

Time spent with Angus in any capacity is engaging, enlightening, provocative and fun!”

Michelle Duval, Co-Founder and Co-Director, The Meta-Coach Training System. July, 2009

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“The world needs as much of Angus McLeod as he can share…  I think what he brings to the table is an alternative to the ‘command and control’ approach to leadership and development, and that caring and concern can be an effective alternative to ‘kicking ass’.”Jim Brush,

Angus is a facilitator of coaching master-classes internationally. He can work, if required, to the highest level of coaching best-practice, level 4. His special coaching qualities include making phenomenally-safe spaces in which people can make major changes (even in theatre-settings during public master-classes), having incredible flexibility to work with the specific needs of the individual and facilitating sustainable change at the highest level. Feedback includes: “incredible insight”,  “I moved to a whole new perspective”, “flabbergasted” and “transforming”.

In 1995, Angus was going profoundly deaf with bi-lateral, progressive nerve damage after several years of deteriorating hearing. A miracle in 1995 restored most of his hearing and created a passion for developing people and communicating clear wisdom that people can apply immediately. He brings these talents to the training room.

“Angus adds clarity in a very supportive way. His warm approach is textured with a keen attention to detail. He leads by example in terms of being action orientated and his enthusiasm is positively inspiring. My world is a better place for knowing him.” Michael Byrne, Managing Director, QBC Ltd.

He has been ‘first-call’ coach at PPP Healthcare and Oracle and coached at Board level in numerous corporations in several countries. Angus is a regular facilitator of team programs for improved communication, coaching skills for managers, leadership executive development, vision & values – he is featured at international conferences and events, often as a keynote or plenary speaker.

“It was a delight and privilege to observe a masterful coach at work” – ICF National Official

Angus designed the updated Performance Coaching Diploma Course at Newcastle. The new course became available in February 2004, with over 7,000 registrations in its first year, 15,000 in 30 months. The course was also launched in a web-based format in March 2005 and available for just £395. This course was the most successful web-based course at Newcastle College. The Advanced Diploma Coaching Course, also designed by Angus, was launched in 2008.

He is external supervisor and Visiting Professor of Coaching at Birmingham City University. Professor McLeod’s interests are in applied research towards the understanding of coaching effectiveness and coachee-factors in high-performance coaching. He works with the Business School to develop and build on current applied research in coaching and leadership.

“Angus is a superb thinker able to work across an astonishing range of styles from fine detail to breathtaking creativity”. Will Thomas, CEO, Vision for Learning Ltd

Angus co-founded and sits on the Board of The Coaching Foundation, a group for executive & life coaches, and mentors. Angus has held numerous other Directorships following academic and business careers to senior level. He continues to sit on several corporate boards. He is a rower and National Umpire, an advanced trainer in motorcycling (IAM) and a passionate cook. Some of his qualifications are listed below.

Courses Completed  (sample)

  • Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • Certificate in Counseling
  • ANLP Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) and ‘Expert Coach’ in meta-coaching
  • Member International Society of Neuro-Semantics (MISNS)
  • OutThinker Certification course: successfully completed 2017
  • Hogan Qualified 2017
  • PhD

Key Skills

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitation
  • Training and Conference Keynotes
  • Disruptive Business Planning Facilitation (with Courage to be Curious)
  • Leadership Development

Coaching and Mentoring Experience

Angus has coached very senior executives in many fields including IT, healthcare, pharma, international NGOs, NHS, manufacturing, defence, aerospace, global mining, environmental services, leasing, insurance, financial services, banking, PE (Private Equity), Regional and National Government.


SMART TP3 Consulting LLC (2021+)

Educational Foundation (5DX Educational Collaborative; 501(3c)) – Director/Trustee (2017+)

Into Changes Ltd – CEO (over 12 years)

The Coaching Foundation Ltd  (not-for-profit limited company) – Founding Director (over 12 years)

Earlier Corporate Appointments:

Solutions fte Ltd  – Founding Director

Perpetual Environmental Ltd, Investco-Perpetual PLC  – CEO (over 10 years)

TSO Communications Ltd  – Company Secretary (over 6 years)

Best Performance Ltd – Managing Director

Perpetual Environmental Technologies Ltd  – Executive Chairman (over 10 years)

Performance People Ltd  – Director

Training for Success Ltd  – Director

Directorships over Ten Years Ago:

Ferguson & Menzies Ltd  – manufacturing: Director & Managing Director Designate

Permanite Holdings Ltd., housing: Tarmac Group PLC  – Group Technical Director

BUSU Services Ltd  – retail: non-executive Director

Examples of change in senior people with behavioral issues:

1. One of the 5 biggest NGOs in the world. One Director connected personally to five US Presidents and other world leaders but dysfunctional and destructive at work. The Board brought AMA in to coach the whole Board, in order to get coaching to this one individual. With twenty minutes, one question caused several minutes of reflection followed by five minutes of monologue detailing the coachee’s revelations about his dysfunction and his ownership of his conflict with the NGO’s aims. Within an hour, these had been resolved.

2. The CEO of a major player in the City, though highly experienced and talented, left a trail of unhappy senior people behind them. The coachee was fanatical about personal space, authority and control; had a bullying nature and sharp tongue. Early in the second session the coachee came to a breakthrough in trust with the AMA coach and was able to grow and make demonstrable changes in behavior during and after the six sessions over 4 months.

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    Amazing info on all the documentation that I have read.

    I wish that I had acquired some of the skills when I firstly became predominant in “horse world”- perhaps I could have avoided some of the hindrances.
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