Group Trainings

We deliver learning effectiveness: ‘practical learning’, that is tested in the training room, and applied immediately back at work.

“(The) course taught me about myself and how I should develop others. Some extremely useful ‘nuggets’ of information provided to take back and apply in the workplace. An excellent course”. ND

These are structured learning journeys which you can actively mould & support if you wish (with lower costs).

We deliver measureable behavioural change – for increased performance in participants and teams. We work with you to define the preferred behavioural/performance traits. We do not change people, we inspire them to focus on key developmental areas that generate the desired performance behaviours at work. There is individual variation in focus but themed change within cohorts and teams. Here are the off-the-shelf courses.

The Coaching Manager Courses – (AMA certificated) – 3, 4 or 5 day courses in separated training days with interval activity

Coaching Skills Module 1 – (AMA certificated) – 2 consecutive training days of basic skills in facilitation/coaching-style-of-managing for performance

Coaching Skills Module 2 – (AMA certificated) – 1 day of intermediate skills training to follow module 1

Coaching & Mentoring – Integration Skills for Managers, 2 days

“I would like to day a big thank-you to Angus for giving his time to speak at the coaching and leadership event in Dudley last week. I enjoyed his presence at the event and I found it enriching.” Wendy Kelly.