Executive Coaching

Delivering measurable behavioral and performance-change in your leaders & managers. Our facilitative Coaching Journey technology achieves with satisfied customers in many sectors, internationally. Contact us now.

“The best value invoice I have ever had the pleasure to approve”

Jean Fleming, Director, Fenton Group plc.

Introductory Video (45 seconds) on right. 1-2-1 offerings:

  • 1-2-1 Executive Coaching Journeys to global C-Suite
  • Coaching for Leaders digital apps
  • Remedial Coaching for very senior executives
  • Team-coaching
  • Coach-skills trainings.

Coaching Journeys & Measurement

Coaching Journeys are measured for outcomes in behaviors & performance. We can advise how to deal with sensitive situations and the options available for supporting executive(s). We can offer results-based fee-structures & have ALWAYS achieved objectives with fees and bonuses paid without fail. Coaching is often set-up with 1-2-1’s about 4-5 weekly with interval telephone coaching.

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Our Coaching Journeys are most often based upon regular face-to-face coaching with interval call/app based coaching. This format has great advantages, not least cost, for any given length of Journey, viz:

  • Extend the period of coaching by almost double without additional expenses and for just an additional 29% fee
  • Provides time for increased developmental growth
  • Maintains optimal contact every two to three weeks, to maintain commitment and pace to the Journey for small extra fee.

Thus, 8 booked face-to-face sessions will involve 15 contact-coaching points over c. 10 months. Where an executive is promoted rapidly, they can enter into a next-budget year for coaching after a strategic work-gap. As the most significant developmental change takes place over time, the extended Coaching Journey works to leverage behavioral change, even where most resistant due to any emotional-growth required.


In all cases, performance AND behavioral change is advised to be agreed and set at the outset. Typically, where budgets allow, these outcome changes are agreed both with the coaching candidate and a small cohort of stake-holders. Outcomes may be linked to a bonus structure (10%) as required.

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