Executive Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

You want measurable behavioural and performance-change in your leaders & managers? Our facilitative Coaching technology achieves that with satisfied customers in many sectors, internationally.

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Jean Fleming, Director, Fenton Group plc.

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Choose from these 1-2-1 offerings including mentoring via web/phone:

  • 1-2-1 Executive Coaching to International CEO level
  • Our Day-Coach In-House
  • Web-based ‘Ask Max’
  • Remedial Coaching for very senior executives
  • Coaching master-classes with Dr Angus McLeod.

Structured Learning & Measurement

Coaching Journeys are measured for outcomes in behaviours & performance. We can advise how to deal with sensitive situations and the options available for supporting executive(s). We can offer results-based fee-structures & have ALWAYS achieved objectives with fees and bonuses paid without fail. Coaching is often set-up with 1-2-1’s about 4-5 weekly with interval telephone coaching.

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