We assess our people

Monitoring the Quality of our People

Our teams all have to pass Assessment Centres. Features are:

  • skills are tested and ranked
  • duplicated assessment methodology is used
  • ranking requirements for each measure have to be attained
  • one score below the requirement means rejection.

We encourage the recording of individual CPD data* and this is obligatory for our most senior people. We have set the bar at a very high level for CPD activities: training, coaching, being coached and other professional activities that support our services to you at the most exquisite level.

We actively encourage feedback from delegates, coachees and customers and always disseminate and act upon feedback in an open and productive environment.

All trainings use feedback (ours or yours) to monitor the performance of our people. Feedback is openly discussed and learnings taken forward.

AMA Assessment Centres are conducted via facilitated, peer-assessment conducted during one and half days. Application to the centres is dependent on three factors: certificated training, experience and ongoing CPD. On the assessment centre, we work in groups to measure coaches on the basis of a number of core abilities and benchmarks. The coaches are NOT told what factors are being asssessed. The scores are aggregated and where they are significantly different, a process for dialogue with a third-party facilitator from the senior observer team is carried out. There is ‘fail’ and three levels of coach certification from practitioner level upwards.

* CPD = Continuous Professional Development