Video Tips For Coaches series 1

Goals Targets and Outcomes

Coaching Questions and Honesty

The Head of the Coach

Exquisite Listening and Reflective Language

2 thoughts on “Video Tips For Coaches series 1

  1. Very interesting tips thank you. Is there a series 2 and 3 please ?

  2. Hi Harri,

    Yes there are another two series; there is a hiccup tho.. my black-hat web guru managed to permanently destroy part of the commercial site, losing 800,000 registered users and all the pay-to-view video pages. Probably I should NOT have sacked him but I did and so the videos are some way from being available!
    I have all the video hosted and may be able to give you access there for free… send me an email at [email protected] if interested with subject line ‘Tips for Coaches videos’ and I will look this up, if you are interested!
    All best wishes,

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