csngo2: ‘Day-Coach’ Programme Supports Rapid Change


The NGO was about two years old and had grown rapidly, evolving and structuring quickly and requiring a great degree of flexibility in a majority of staff at all levels.


Managers are based at a central HQ but also based around the UK.


Many AMA coaches are based around the UK and so it would be possible to provide a consistent quality of 1-2-1 coaching to the whole group. The AMA Day-Coach product was to be offered:

  • The delivery of the AMA 1-2-1 coaching product was to a set standard.
  • The organisation hosts and manages the coaching space on a per diem basis to a set fee plus expenses up to a set maximum only. This provides for exact budgeting and financial control over the service and reduce the per capita cost of quality 1-2-1 coaching dramatically.
  • The Coaches to be provided with a ‘Brief’ including the corporate HR needs analysis, the headline corporate objectives and any agreed individual personal development review (PDR) that the coachee had pre-agreed with their line-manager/Director.
  • Coachees to see their coach for two hours in the first session and in subsequent sessions to book for multiples of a twenty minutes up to 90 minutes per session. Booking to be made internally, with the organisation also providing a time-table – so the coach(s) could take appropriate notes into subsequent coaching sessions. A minimum of ten minutes was allowed for the coach between sessions and a minimum of 45 minutes for lunch.


This rolled out with coaching taking place at locations from Newcastle to London. Managers found the process very effective in building resilience and stand-alone proactivity. Further development work with teams followed on in some cases.