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Reviews for Performance Coaching: The Handbook for Managers, HR Professionals and Coaches (Crown House)

‘I am currently a student of coaching and I was greatly inspired by the book ‘Performance Coaching’ ‘ (Gary Ingyon).

‘This book is packed with practical examples, tools and tips to help the coach – highly recommended’ (Anne Deering, Author, Director, AT Kearney).
‘Angus McLeod’s book is brilliant and a must-read for all who have the responsibility of leading or managing other people’ (Richard Denny, Author and Chairman of The Richard Denny Group)
‘Performance Coaching by McLeod will become one of the foundational books’  (L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. NLP ‘guru’ and author)
‘This is stuff you can use.  Examples are both inspiring and reassuringly practical’  (Julian Russell, Managing Director, PPD Consulting Ltd and author)
‘This is a book of wisdom and experience, informed (but not dominated) by a deep and thoughtful understanding of NLP frameworks and practices’ (Professor David Megginson, Sheffield Hallam University)
‘Angus has done excellent work, elegantly integrating and adapting the skills of Neuro-linguistic Programming into the process of Coaching’ (Shelle Rose Charvet, author of Words That Change Minds)
‘Angus McLeod sets a high standard of teaching by story telling. I enjoyed it and learned from it’   (Sir John Whitmore, author)
‘A superb insight into the skills we require to become an effective coach’ (Mike Palmer, Managing Director of Professional Training Solutions)
‘This book contains a wealth of knowledge on its subject’  (Carol Harris, Editor, Effective Consulting; author and former Chair of the ANLP)
‘You cannot help but be an even better coach for reading it.  It has to be  currently the most accessible and valuable coaching text around’ (Will Thomas, Director Vision4Learning)
‘An immensely practical aid to coaching’ (Anne Thompson, HR Director, Parity)
‘Performance Coaching is an in depth overview of the whole field of coaching and mentoring.  We highly recommend this book’  (James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, authors)
‘The author has achieved the near-impossible – this title deserves to sit alongside the very limited number of internationally respected books on coaching’  (David Hoad, Director, The Kingsmoor Consultancy)
‘A practical book with wonderful tips, ideas and perspectives. Angus McLeod’s experience oozes out of every page’ (Kriss Akabusi MBE MA)

Angus McLeod’s book effortlessly applies a range of NLP, and other, techniques to business coaching. Easy to read and full of examples, this book is essential reading for all coaches. I also recommend it for those interested in the applications of NLP to management since it explains and illustrates many NLP tools extremely well. Indeed, I have never seen techniques such as anchoring, submodalities and logical levels better explained in a business context… Overall this book is excellent and highly recommended for business coaches and managers alike. (Ross Maynard, Amazon)

Reviews for Self-coaching Leadership – Simple Steps from Manager to Leader (John Wiley & Sons)

“a unique and welcome addition to the leading edge literature on leadership” Robert Dilts, Developer, Author, NLP Trainer & Consultant.

“…so many new models and processes to use it felt like Christmas – they are great and so effective…”
Karen Donley, HR Director, MBDA, BAe.

“provides a rich resource for all those concerned with raising the bar on senior management and leadership performance, whether as the executive in question or his/her coach or advisor”
David Hoad, Director, The Kingsmoor Consultancy.

“I found the book comprehensive, compelling and readable. The style of writing I found fast and punchy”
Michael Byrne, CEO, QBC., Eire.

“this book is a ‘must read’ for busy people interested in being better leaders, managers or in improving their overall quality of life”
Edward Fahy, Senior Manager, DuPont, Wilmington, DE.

“a practical workshop manual to have open as you tackle the challenges of life as a manager. Do the exercises and make this book work for you – you will find it is like an experienced coach; it gives you the tools to do a better job, relax, learn and grow at the same time”.
Tim Nottidge, General Manager, Business Development, BT Global Services.

“it provides an excellent introduction to being able to consider
‘how’ executives can improve their self management and the management of others within the limited time available, while facing ever increasing pressures. It also set out a more detailed methodology to follow to take practical steps which will help to achieve the benefits which we all seek”
DC, HR Director, Multi-billion turn-over NGO.

“Dr McLeod’s book is brilliant in its simplicity and packed with no-nonsense thinking and common sense… From self leadership to strategic overview this is the only book you need, it is quite simply the best words in the best order on leadership”
Will Thomas, author of ‘Coaching Solutions’ and ‘Coaching Solutions Workbook’.

McLeod has done it again. Following the success of his earlier book on Performance Coaching he has produced a self-improvement guide for leaders which is as simple as it can be but no simpler. It is stripped free of all jargon and offers self-reflection questionnaires, case study examples and useful figures and diagrams. Once you have read it, then progress is down to you. It is as straightforward as that!
Professor David Megginson, Professor of HRD
Sheffield Hallam University

Angus McLeod has produced a Master Companion for every executive. He writes insightfully and he really cares about people. Leadership can be learned and this book is a highly effective and easy way to learn it.
Richard Denny, The Richard Denny Group,

‘Angus has written a rich and practical book that brings together a great breadth of knowledge, understanding and experience while making sure that there is much that the reader can take away and do. For anyone at all interested in the sort of Leadership that actually makes a difference this is a ‘must read’,
Myles Downey, founder of The School of Coaching, author of ‘Effective Coaching’,

“Beautifully congruent.  This book doesn’t dictate what you should do to be a leader – it provides examples, models and inspiration so you acquire exquisite leadership skills in the reading of it.”
James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, authors of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling

When I initially saw the title of this book, I wondered if it was going to be “more of the same” – another “How to Coach” book. I was surprisingly mistaken. From the very first paragraph in the Preface, my attention had been captured – because it immediately identified the situation in which so many managers and leaders find themselves.
Managers often know that they need to learn how to manage and lead in a different way, but just don’t know how to break out of the cycle. What impressed me about this book are its practicality and its honesty. McLeod is candid. “A small number of executives at all levels believe that looking busy makes them appear important.” How many people have the courage to tell it like it is?
McLeod does, and then shares the tools and processes that help you build the attributes and traits that a good leader needs. He covers both left-brain and right-brain traits, and makes it clear that leadership is a journey, a journey of self-development, of continual learning and experience – not always comfortable, and certainly not just a methodology.
I found myself identifying with many of the real-life examples dotted throughout – not just from my coaching but also from my days as a manager. I also liked that the book places emphasis on oneself. For any leader to be truly successful with their people they must include themselves – it’s not just about leading others but also mastering oneself that makes a great leader.
Somewhere in Part 2, I found myself getting lost a little, but only because I was reading the whole book in one go, and McLeod shares so much in it.  There might be a danger that one might not put things into practice, for thinking that one might want to try to find the time to go through it all. But there are manageable chunks all through the book that I think picking an area at random or an area that is pertinent might be a better way to gain the benefits packed in its pages. If I had to pick just one concept to apply, it would be the 51 percent rule. McLeod says, “In any given interaction, I am 51 percent responsible for the outcome of that interaction. If we accept 50 percent or less of the responsibility then no action occurs, we have a stale-mate.” This, on its own, will go a long way to improving communication in any relationship – be it work or personal – and we all already know how that can get us better results.
I would recommend this book to any manager or leader who really wants to get ahead, and, at the end of the day, make their own lives easier. I shall certainly be giving a copy to each of my clients and coaching them to apply what’s in McLeod’s book.
Veronica Lim, Executive Coach,

If you are starting out on your leadership journey or want to brush up on a specific area of leadership, Self-Coaching Leadership has been written for you. Angus McLeod has worked with some of the business world’s most successful leaders and his unique insight into what works in terms of leadership at an individual, team and organizational level has been captured in this practical book. Angus’s book is a clear and accessible look at the many facets of great leadership, breaking them down into their individual components, considering their importance and how they can be applied in a day to day situation.  The information is brought to life with case studies that give vital context to each section. The book is the perfect blend of well resourced information grounded with relevant examples and exercises that allow the reader to work through the whole book or to build on a particular skill and would be a useful addition to your bookshelf.

Camilla Arnold, Director of Talent, TXG Ltd

Reviews for Slay That Dragon – Life Just Got Easy (Amazon Kindle, 2012)

‘This book is empowering in so many ways. I really could understand the presentation of the concepts of the dragons and eagerly looked to find the ways to slay them. The paths that the author provides are easy models and full of support for achievement. It really showed me how to own up and take responsibility, which will lead to having more control over my own life and thus to a higher level of personal satisfaction. I would recommend this book to everyone, it was clear that we all have dragons to slay. I am hopeful that in working on my own dragons, it will make enhance my ability to have better and stronger relationships with family, friends and workmates.’

Karen M. Lewis

‘This book has simplicity and depth I LIKE that in books. This one deserves ten stars. The Dragon metaphor is brilliant’
Judy Barber, colleague and author.

‘Angus McLeod has again demonstrated his unique talent of cutting through psychological jargon, important evidenced based academia and involved processes. He has provided a rare personal and transformative opportunity for each reader. Simple and easy to understand through narrative story telling. Personal in the case studies and examples from the Authors life. Instructional – yet adaptable to varying contexts and life experiences. Immediately useful and implementable. Actual personal development and inner change is imparted through his incredibly artful writing style and actual activities. This is a must read book for any individual or couple seeking to harness their mental and emotional wellbeing and to experience a state of personal empowerment. I highly recommend this book.’

Michelle Duval, author and co-developer of Meta-Coaching.

Reviews for Performance Coaching Toolkit (McGraw-Hill; with Will Thomas)

‘In The Performance Coaching Toolkit, Will and Angus have provided a rich mixture of techniques from a wide range of sources and, importantly, from their won wide experience. The techniques are spelled out clearly with triggers, rationale and instructions for use, and links to other tools, making this a very clear useable manual. And, it is more than a manual. It also explores the place of tools in our development as coaches. It emphasises philosophy and dynamics above mere technique – humanity and principles are more important than skills.

‘This book is full of wisdom learned wisdom and wise sayings of others – I particularly liked ‘Let silence do the heavy lifting’. The chapter on clean language I found particularly useful for my own practice and I also valued the chapter at the end which compares the book’s central STEPPPA model with GROW and STRIDE as alternative frameworks for a coaching or a mentoring session. The scaled coaching skills checklist – from emergent to establishing to excelling, is also a useful tool for developing coaches.’

David Megginson, Emeritus Professor of HRD
Coaching and Mentoring Research Unit
Sheffield Hallam University

Reviews for Me, Myself, My Team – How to become an Effective Team Player Using NLP (Crown House)

‘Angus McLeod’s excellent work is a must have for anyone working in or with a team. It contains powerful tools for both the new team member or experienced team leader.’ (Richard Churches)

‘This on has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while as I found its subtitle somewhat daunting. In fact, no prior knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming is required, and whilst this isn’t a book to be skimmed through, the time spent reading it is time well spent. Useful advice is there for the taking, and managers and committed team players are likely to find this book very relevant.’ (Business Bookshelf, City Business Review).