Rapid Culture Change – a Leadership Culture

We know how to roll-out Work Culture Change that works in shorter time-frames; we have been doing it for clients since 2004. But why use coaching as a model for that? Here’s why in three minutes flat:

rapid-culture-change from ANGUS MCLEOD on Vimeo.

Now, in 18-30 months, we develop a ‘Coaching & Leadership Culture’ in partnership with you, to impact significantly on your organization’s culture and efficacy. And we can measure the impact at cost. Are we confident? Yes we are, and customers are too! Watch a short 3rd party video.

Structured elements (with you, if mutual) may include training, coaching, awareness events, co-coaching programmes and an internal skills-practice and development forum. We further enhance using video media, webinars and team podcasts to add further breadth to the learning journeys.

We advise that you consider all the following key elements (from published academic research) and that we work with you to make certain that all these key factors are in place, should we agree:

  1. Develop the buy-in
  2. Tune the L&D environment to support training and change
  3. Identify and develop coach ‘experts’ internally to champion coaching
  4. Create a clear vision and a workable plan aligned to business objectives at Board level
  5. Establish sustainable management resources (and structures including measurement/incentives) to focus on embedding coaching in the mid- and long-terms
  6. Create commitment to reward &/or recognition related to coaching behaviours and performance specifically.

There are several ways to develop the leadership culture, let’s define the best approach for your organisation and budget now?

Supporting services from us include the following (with information on this site):

  • Coaching 1-2-1
  • e-mentoring (Ask Max, an exclusive, AMA service, see drop-down)
  • Team coaching & mentoring
  • Training courses
  • Consultancy
  • We also have film-based team events ‘Commercial Break’ where your people make ‘commercials’ together.

“We do not sell endless refresher courses in esoteric models. Our models are used the following day at WORK. We are thrilled when we hear executives explaining their new-found skills to others with enthusiasm!”

3CCCs Ltd was an alternative organisation offering culture change to Blue Chips via a trade-marked brand, ‘Cascade Coaching’ for over 9 years. 3CCCs was incorporated within AMA in October 2010 and the 3CCCs system is also available from AMA.

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  1. Thank you most sincerely for sharing the 10 coaching videos with me! I have learnt a lot from watching them, and have gained great new insights into effective coaching practices. Eager to acquire the next ten videos and looking forward to your new book!

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