Day-Coach On-site

Top coaching from an affordable coach system – how?

Our AMA-accredited Team work under a day-rate-only scheme offering a cost-effective way to reap the benefits of 1-2-1 Executive Development at a sensible and accessible price. This can be structured to include telephone coaching and/or e-mentoring to suit needs and budgets. Our AMA coaching team is highly-qualified, highly experienced and have all been through a testing assessment centre and achieved at the highest levels.

1-2-1 Executive Development Coaching from AMA creates performance solutions, effectiveness, improved influencing skills and greater self-confidence. These Executive Development technologies develop learning in new psychological skills that transform the performance of the individual immediately, but importantly, in the future as well. This is sustainable learning. Your people learn-how-they-learn and so work smarter.

KL writes: ‘my confidence has dramatically improved – knowing that the only thing holding me back now is me. I don’t feel this is a problem anymore. I have also just been employed in a new job which has more responsibility and the prospects to improve myself further, so at the moment everything is PERFECT! p.s its good to hear that others are noting my positive attitude and passing the word around. Thank you for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you’.

AMA methods develop independence in people – your performance coach should and will become unnecessary within 4-8 sessions.

Day-coach is our most budget-sensitive product with set ‘day-fees’ and with capped expenses – you know exactly the top-level budget required to complete the assignment. That is clear, honest and ethical. Why not take advantage of this extra-ordinary service now?

As provided to UK Manufacturing Industry including SMEs via the National Skills Academy for Manufacturing (under SEMTA management).