Profiling Including Hogan & iWAM

Our consultants, trainers and coaches have a range of certifications in profiling methods including iWAM, IE and Extended DISC. Just ask if you have a preference to discuss or a firm requirement. We especially like the iWAM motivation tool. This uses 48 meta-programs to provide absolutely distinct profiles for every individual, thus not falling into the error of placing people in boxes. We use the tool most often as a prelude to coaching journeys. When placed against the desired learning outcomes of the coaching journey, the profile helps the coachee to understand why they have behaved and achieved as they have and where to place their energies to make a difference to their behaviors, performance and wellbeing. The debriefing session takes about 100-120 minutes typically and the complexities of the modelling are honed down to simple messages.

Additionally, profiling in teams moves to another level as we can use the model to improve the team’s communication and cross-motivation skills. For a thorough explanation of the iWAM methodology visit the site of a leading expert in iWAM analysis, Brian Clark. iWAM and Hogan can both be used for teams as a yardstick for hiring, to make sure that all needed characteristics are superbly functional within a team.

Hogan, like the iWAM, is another profiling tool that is that gives valuable calibration about individuals, even when they are in stressed situations. Instruments that are based on Karl Jung’s personality types  (Meyers Briggs for example) are compromised, as they do not predict well for executives that are stressed.