Clients say…

The best value invoice I have ever had the pleasure to approve

J. Fleming, Director, Fenton Group plc.

Some examples of Feedback for Angus:

  • Who is the best coach? ‘Angus McLeod’, Robert Dilts, co-founder of NLP, 2004
  • Angus’ knowledge + contribution excellent. Gemma Todd
  • Angus McLeod sets a high standard of teaching by story telling. His examples of coaching dialogues serve so well to illustrate how to skillfully handle many coaching situations. Sir John Whitmore, author, Coaching Performance.
  • Superb advice from a master coach. Richard Denny, Chairman, Richard Denny Group and author of `Motivate to Win`
  • Angus McLeod offers strategies for challenging and or supporting the key governors of growth and development in the organization. Judith DeLozier, co-founder of NLP
  • Angus has done excellent work, elegantly integrating and adapting the skills of NLP into the process of coaching. Shelle Rose Charvet, author of ‘Words That Change Minds’
  • The world needs as much of Angus McLeod as he can share…I think what he brings to the table is an alternative to the ‘command and control’ approach to leadership and development, and that caring and concern can be an effective alternative to ‘kicking ass’. Jim Brush,
  • It was a delight and privilege to observe a masterful coach at work. ICF National Official
  • Flabbergasted, transforming. John Watson, international Cable TV/web/comms business
  • Particularly enjoyed Angus’ coaching and watching his techniques. Louise Williams.

Some examples of Feedback for Training from 2005 to now:

  • Angus you have opened my mind’s eyes to several new ideas and instilled in me the confidence to change my behaviors. V.A.
  • Session was adapted really well…. tailored more specifically to my own needs. Great feeling of empowerment, I can do THIS!! Louise W
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Cavette C
  • I thoroughly enjoyed! Banumathy N
  • Ensured that can continue the learning through facilitated group sessions and refresher sessions. Tase O
  • Good, well-managed, well paced, clear objectives. Group is stimulating, cooperative. Trainer is knowledgeable. Course… relevant to my work. Hanaa S
  • A very useful and interesting course. Angela S
  • Very useful course which I intend to continue considering and applying to my practice. Jo S
  • I will take back the skills I have learnt to the workplace. Nalini B
  • Found the day enjoyable & challenging. Jo B
  • Trainer was excellent, subject content relevant and well paced. Chilemeza C
  • Practical sessions were useful and challenging + the feedback insightful. Good balance of input + doing. Tiring! Sarah J
  • Excellent. Thank you. Matt R
  • Course taught me about myself and how I should develop others. Some extremely useful ‘nuggets’ … to take back and apply in the workplace. An excellent course. Nigel D
  • Instructor knowledge very good especially the coaching demonstration. Philip Y
  • Very valuable course which will help me  in the workplace. Sonia A
  • Even for a sceptic like myself, I was very ‘sucked in’ to achieving my learning objectives. E.S.
  • I learnt lots of useful tips. Thank you. Bahar R
  • I think this training is just right esp the practical sessions. Cecilia S
  • Extremely useful course, inspiring, highly motivational + full of ideas, thank you. Lucia B.
  • It was paced well and this was reflected in the overall group feedback/responses. Briony S.

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