We Measure Effectiveness

Monitoring the quality of what we do for you

We work with measures providing you with confidence: yes, you are getting value-for-money with AMA.

E.G. We used the AMA 360° measurement tool to measure the increased effectiveness of managers due to three days of training delivered over 9 weeks. The cohorts were very experienced and had good approval ratings before their training (average 89% with one manager having a 97%).  The AMA 360° measured 12 behavioural/performance traits. The scores for the top three traits improved after training between 6.1% and 7.4%. All the remaining nine traits showed positive impacts due to training of between 1.8% and 4.7% except for one (where there was no significant difference either way). Most organisations make no measurement and have no hard evidence for efficacy – now you can.

You can also choose any or all of the following FREE elements in any work we do for you and we can advise protocols for each (or you may want to offer your own). These apply for all trainings and coaching work:

  • Setting of corporate objectives
  • Setting of performance measures
  • Agreeing individual development and productivity objectives
  • Setting individual development and performance measures
  • Setting RoCE benefits

We also offer, at cost, research studies to measure the efficacy of the work we do for you.