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Leadership & Motivation – Video Tips

Manage Self and Others Smarter

How to Engage with your staff, gain trust and, help them develop

The next video #2 (and nine more; almost 2 hours in total) can be found here on YouTube

Video #Time/ mm:ssSubjects covered
28:30Stop dissatisfaction in people by preventing over-managing and under-managing from now on
38:46Get the number of allocated projects right; engaging to get the best from others; acknowledgement; linguistic tricks!
48:21Key setting/agreeing boundaries; communicate early when issues arise & prevent chaos; carrots & sticks for double motivation!
512:21Trust Building; Leadership Traits; Gap-managing your own traits; The Trust Factor traits that are essential, or crisis results
67:54Reliability/Consistency vs flexibility explained; Action cycles and fire-fighting and how to be more strategic at work
712:23Leveraging the 1-2-1 with staff: motivating, checking your effectiveness, mindsets for difficult-behaviors, using ‘I’, ‘We’, & ‘You’
814:16Mindsets for different required solutions; four types of meetings fit for purpose and more efficient
910:52Leveraging Emotional Intelligence and speedy EI improvement without having to just grow old!
1011:57Beating conflicts: Second positioning and the 51% Rule
1113:51Managing stress (self & others); Persistent stress syndrome and how to break it; self-inquiry and self-inventory.
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Self-confidence and Self-esteem

This short video by Angus McLeod shows how Self-confidence is context-specific and therefore ‘fragile’. However, if we are conscious about having a wide selection of thinking and activities where we have self-confidence, we generate ‘Self-esteem’; this quality is not context-specific and so is robust. We can deliberately grow self-esteem and this makes our lives less stressful, calmer, better…! Just FIVE minutes!

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Coaching for Leaders – Digital Apps

gnowbe_ipad2In cooperation with Angus McLeod has produced digital learning apps including a portfolio of apps under the umbrella titles: ‘Coaching for Leaders’.

These apps have high participative levels/retention and high certification/completion levels. They upskill international workers with leader-skills based upon leader and coaching skills for leveraging their work-based skills immediately. Supported by cohort-based social media on the Gnowbe platform itself, learners are able to share real-time across all time zones, helping to create new behaviors and a common vernacular upon which teams build their leveraging talent for productive team-work across continents. Continue reading Coaching for Leaders – Digital Apps

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Indian Edition for Angus McLeod

MMMT_2@drangusmcleod book ‘Me, Myself, My Team – How to Become an Effective Team-Player Using NLP’ has now been taken up by an Indian publisher, ‘Research Press’. Continue reading Indian Edition for Angus McLeod

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Angus McLeod Global Award

ANGUS-2013-sm1Prof. Angus McLeod, PhD has been awarded the prestigious Global Coaching Leadership Award 2015 by the World Coaching Congress.
Now in its third year, the congress attracts speakers from across the globe with the theme of creating the future for professional coaching.
Angus receives the award for his continuing contributions and leadership to facilitative coaching for over two decades.
The 2015 Conference, Mumbai, started today.

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4 Levels of Coaching

We can gauge the level at which a coach is working (and their professional versatility, or lack of it) by simply looking at the evidential data in their coachees. In this video compilation you can see all four levels. The introductory video is below. Longer versions of this video are available, contact us for access. Continue reading 4 Levels of Coaching

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EI Test

It is said that:

IQ + Emotional Intelligence = success

Take this EI quiz and find out!

If you want more success, here’s how to do it!

Continue reading EI Test