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NLP and Coaching

How does Coaching relate to the four pillars of Neuro-linguistic Programming?

When we look at the four pillars of NLP proposed by McDermott (2006; Rapport, Flexibility, Outcome Thinking & Sensory Acuity), we find interesting learning that maps directly to best-practice in modern coaching. Continue reading NLP and Coaching

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Which Coach?

How Good is your Coach? How do You Know? If you have video of them working, or you can watch them, you will shortly know for certain; watch the video! Continue reading Which Coach?

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NEWS NSA launch

National Skills Academy for Manufacturing launches new coaching courses

Semta, the Sector Skills Council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies has today announced the launch of three new flexible learning coaching programmes.

The courses, which are now available online through National Skills Academy provider Angus McLeod Associates, have been specifically designed to meet the needs of employees required to coach other staff, helping them identify and enhance existing skills and competencies. Contact Angus McLeod Associates. Continue reading NEWS NSA launch

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Coaching models & methods

            Here we will add further links to pages about coaching models and methods. These include the GROW and STEPPPA coaching models. More models and methods can be seen in the category pages (with RSS feeds) on the right. For mailings on Coaching & Leadership:

Continue reading Coaching models & methods

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What is coaching?

There are many forms of coaching methods, definitions and philosophies. We wish to provide over-arching knowledge that is common to all the best forms of coaching available today. So we provide an up-to-date definition as well as a glossary of terms. Continue reading What is coaching?

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Cascade Coaching

Cascade Coaching® is the 3CCCs methodology for culture change in organisations working on 3 levels of corporate change.

These changes are directed at key (typically ‘front-line’) staff and managers. Cascade Coaching also involves the training of in-house coaches to encourage your organisation to become independently developing with time. Enquire for more information navigation: contact