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Blind People Take Pictures Too

Can Blind People Take Good Pictures?

How many of us see things as insurmountable and too hard. And how often. Many people have irreversible health issues and may often feel the same way but get on with it. If you want to see a reason to keep on and achieve, look at the audio slide-show – of David Graphistolage and see what you and I now can. Follow his work here. Coaching, leadership and motivation… is what we do. Angus.

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McLeod Management Model

How not to over- or under-manage and therefore demoralize your staff. Continue reading McLeod Management Model

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Wheel of work

The Wheel of work is a great tool for managers in organisations to get to know how to motivate people.

For coaches, the wheel of work provides a useful model to help the coachee learn more about their world of work, what can most influence a positive change, and where to establish sustainable targets/goals.

Continue reading Wheel of work

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Cascade Coaching

Cascade Coaching® is the 3CCCs methodology for culture change in organisations working on 3 levels of corporate change.

These changes are directed at key (typically ‘front-line’) staff and managers. Cascade Coaching also involves the training of in-house coaches to encourage your organisation to become independently developing with time. Enquire for more information navigation: contact


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The Principal Instruments of Coaching

The Principal Instruments of coaching are now these: exquisite listening, questions (including challenge) and SR silence[1]. These Principal Instruments are used to assist the coachee to meet their defined targets. Of the three Instruments, Self-Reflective silence is the most effective. To see video of SR go to this link. Continue reading The Principal Instruments of Coaching

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STEPPPA Coaching Model

Angus McLeod’s coaching model includes ‘E’ emotion as a vital element of any target or goal.

EMOTION is at the heart of motivation and de-motivation. STEPPPA includes EMOTION rather than ignoring it! Continue reading STEPPPA Coaching Model