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Wheel of work

The Wheel of work is a great tool for managers in organisations to get to know how to motivate people.

For coaches, the wheel of work provides a useful model to help the coachee learn more about their world of work, what can most influence a positive change, and where to establish sustainable targets/goals.

The Wheel of Work
The Wheel of Work

For each segment in the wheel*, ask the following question:

How content are you with <name of segment> now, zero to ten? Start anywhere you like.

When that is complete (and there may sometimes be ranges rather than one score), ask this:

And what score would you like to have for each segment that is achievebale within a time-frame of your choice?

When that is complete there will invariably be gaps. Sometimes one or two segments will have large impacts on the others. Ask this:

It may be worth you exploring the gaps between some of these scores. one or more may be pivotal in affecting others for the better. Where would you like to start?

The coach needs now to help the coachee gap-manage to achievable and sustainable targets/goals.

This tool is especially welcome by managers with new people as it enables them to work closely with individuals without eye-balling. They both look at the wheel and the information is useful to both the individual and to the manager in understanding needs, expectations, motivations and de-motivations.

* it does not matter what the segmentmeans to the coach (or the coachee), as long as they can answer the question relating to that segment in terms of their own meaning. If they need help to provide context for that segment, offer some interpretations until they find one that is meaningful for them.