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Stress Management

The HSE in their 2008 study show: “that in 2007/08 an estimated 442,000 people in Great Britain, who worked in the last year,  believed that they were suffering from stress, depression or anxiety caused or made  worse by their current or past work. This equates to 1,500 per 100,000 people (1.5%) who  worked in the last 12 months in Great Britain”.

Whether it is helping managers to notice stress patterns (and then able to reduce its effects) or whether it is to change reactions to personal stress in your staff (and the ability to manage their own stress levels) we have training interventions for you.

Stress patterns reduce efficacy in people and teams – typically these show up first in absenteeism statistics. We know that if the stress levels persist and people get used to high-levels of persistent stress, that they are more prone to errors, erratic productivity and poor health. These effects are often driven by a conditioned pattern of ‘persistent stress’ in which the afflicted person becomes unable to bring themselves out of their ‘stress’ at will. More information is available taken from ‘Self-coaching Leadership’ by Angus McLeod.

We can tailor stress-courses to suit your needs -typical ones being a half-day awareness course for managers and half- or one-day courses for staff so that they notice stress-signs and how to break stress patterns before they become acute. See a typical half-day topic-structure for staff.

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