1-2-1 coaching

Driving personal-mastery: measureable behavioural & performance change (executives and teams). Executive change influences all relationships to effect bottom-line. Not all coaches can achieve these results. We have over 15 years of continuous coaching delivery for performance. Be convinced by the case studies, client lists and client quotes. We can coach to profiling methodologies. Contact us for free, no-sell, telephone consultation.

“The best value invoice I have ever had the pleasure to approve”

Jean Fleming, Director, Fenton Group plc.

There are four types of 1-2-1 executive coaching development products in use by our customers:

  1. Day-coach (an AMA executive coach in your organisation for a day to coach several people)
  2. ‘Ask Max’ e-mentoring for teams (mentoring by our Ask Max-coaches) –  a cost-effective support system
  3. Executive Development 1-2-1 with an AMA executive coach – enquire
  4. Executive Development 1-2-1 for directors (High-performance coaching with Dr Angus McLeod and other internationally-acclaimed AMA coaches) – enquire

4 also includes highly specialist ‘remedial coaching’ for very senior and valuable executives who have developed behavioural issues. ‘Remedial Coaching’ is often sold within the buying organization, under another intervention title.

“Flabbergasted, transforming” JHW, international Cable TV/web/comms business.

We can measure the performance change that AMA executive coaches provide, at cost! Watch this short third-party endorsement: