E-Learning Coaching Skills

20,000 people since 2004 have embarked on practical e-learning programmes designed by Angus McLeod .

E-learning can be tick-box learn and answer to test knowledge. We concentrate on learning journeys where practical work and learning is applied to work-based need. Our programmes to date are mainly coaching & leadership skills development programmes with applied learning that is put to work immediately. Now, these coaching-skills courses are available in association with our partner ‘The Coaching Foundation‘.

Corporate’s can enrol cohorts of staff directly to the e-learning coaching-skills programes, en bloc through Angus McLeod Associates (The CF only manages personal applications). Contact us if you would like to talk over possibilities or to discuss possible development other e-learning programes for applied skills (managers, leaders or coaches).

Although we specialize in supported mixed-media learning-journeys, we can produce simpler programes including multiple-choice too. Contact.

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