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STEPPPA Coaching Model

Angus McLeod’s coaching model includes ‘E’ emotion as a vital element of any target or goal.

EMOTION is at the heart of motivation and de-motivation. STEPPPA includes EMOTION rather than ignoring it!S = Subject

T = Target

E =  Emotion (but there is more)

PE = Perception

PL = Plan

PA – Pace

A = Action or Amend

I do not urge coaches to use any particular model of coaching and I work with many skilled coaches that only use a model if it is desired by the client. Many coaches work from an intuitive base underpinned by the elegant use of (familiar) coaching language and tools. Where one is going to use a model, then it should have adequate regard to emotions as the most powerful of human traits to empower or demotivate. The STEPPPA Model includes emotion overtly, together with a process that helps to achieve motivated plans and successful targets.