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The Principal Instruments of Coaching

The Principal Instruments of coaching are now these: exquisite listening, questions (including challenge) and SR silence[1]. These Principal Instruments are used to assist the coachee to meet their defined targets. Of the three Instruments, Self-Reflective silence is the most effective. To see video of SR go to this link.

Underpinning these is exquisite listening and this is best achieved by having total mastery of any tool-kit and keeping one’s own mind quiet.

Some people still think that coaching is about tools – it is not. As Tim Gallwey said in relation to modern coaching (of which he is undisputed grandfather), ‘Principals are more important than tool’. Link principals, with humanity, a mastery of one-self and one’s tools – then you may have the best possible coaching available.

[1] McLeod, A.I. (2001). ‘Bringing out the Best in People’ Rapport 55