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Coaching Standards

How to Pick a Good Coach or Coaching Provider?

In this short video, discover the four levels of coaching and how to choose an executive coach that is right for your organisation.

Now, there is a quicker way to separate the best from the also-rans. Angus McLeod explains how you can separate all coaches into FOUR levels of competence. He also shows you how to see these levels by looking for simple clues in the coachee. This is a unique and powerful tool of coach-assessment. Conventional assessments are done by simply watching the coach. The 4 levels can also be used by buyers to specify the level of coaching interventions wanted. Here is the video, below. In other videos Angus will show examples (of the levels) from live coaching in master-classes. Sign up below for more free access to very similar information.

AMA also use core competences (25 of them) in assessing our AMA Coaching Team. Core competencies have been set out by a few organisations only. NLP guru, Michael Hall, and AMA too, have also taken this a step further by setting out rankings for each core competence. This makes the job of assessment fairer and more reproducible. The FOUR levels of coaching explained in the video are a much simpler way to classify coaches.

2 thoughts on “Coaching Standards

  1. Angus,

    I love what I learn from you. Thank you for posting these videos. They are SO valuable.

    Kindest regards,

    Kate (ICF Sydney)

  2. I was at a presentation that Angus made at the Euro Coach conference.

    What I loved most about Angus’s presentation was the discovery that he was using science to measure — and therefore define — coaching.

    So many people have a problem with the question, “What is coaching?” Angus has set out to answer that in a definitive, objective manner.

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