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Performance & Behavioural Difference

Press Release

For years we have majored in ‘leadership & coaching’.

In recent years we have not been measuring ‘leadership’ or ‘coaching’ change, but we have been measuring changes in performance and behaviours. Continue reading Performance & Behavioural Difference

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NLP and Coaching

How does Coaching relate to the four pillars of Neuro-linguistic Programming?

When we look at the four pillars of NLP proposed by McDermott (2006; Rapport, Flexibility, Outcome Thinking & Sensory Acuity), we find interesting learning that maps directly to best-practice in modern coaching. Continue reading NLP and Coaching

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Coaching Papers Free

Announcing that about 30 of Angus McLeod’s coaching papers are now downloadable from this site including one written with Olympian, James Cracknell. If you want to know more about Emotional Intelligence, the use of Reflective-Silence, Mindsets or developing coaching in organisations, here is your resource. And there is much more! Take a look now.

Remember too that we have a lot of free video-shorts available for both coaches and managers – see  ‘Coach Smarter‘ and ‘Manage Smarter‘ (links also at the top of the page).

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NEWS NSA launch

National Skills Academy for Manufacturing launches new coaching courses

Semta, the Sector Skills Council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies has today announced the launch of three new flexible learning coaching programmes.

The courses, which are now available online through National Skills Academy provider Angus McLeod Associates, have been specifically designed to meet the needs of employees required to coach other staff, helping them identify and enhance existing skills and competencies. Contact Angus McLeod Associates. Continue reading NEWS NSA launch

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The Performance Organization

The problem with management science is that there invariable remains a tension between the logical business needs, as described by KPIs (including financial results) and the latest fad in HR-oriented models (from Mazslo to the Leadership Pipeline). The problem is that the two approaches never seem to meet where it matters, in the Board room. Even the so-dubbed ‘High Performance Organization’ (HPO) Model is principally an HR assortment of 5 goodies put in one box: these include employee engagement, self-directing teams, integrated production technology, organisational learning and Total Quality Management. Shouldn’t there be something more acceptable to Directors that incorporates the measurable people-performance benifits AND the business management in one package. Enter the founding principle of TPO – The Performance Organization! Continue reading The Performance Organization

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News: Resilience

Resilience is sought after and as single term for a multifactoral set of traits, understanding the basics can be hard. In a 4 minute video, I propose one major component of individual resilience and a methodology for its increase over time. Factor that up for organisations and you have a resilient culture. Find out how! Continue reading News: Resilience

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Rapid Culture Change

Can corporates achieve rapid behavioural change in their teams? They can now! With coachinig skills as part of a managing style. How do we know? Because we have been doing it since 2004 in sectors including healthcare (NHS TRUST) and Government. And there are published research results (The Training Journal) to prove it works! Watch this short video now.

Continue reading Rapid Culture Change