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Blog: Inuit life philosophy

Russell Atagootak has spent his 23 years of life in the artic. The slideshow features Russell’s own words, “Everybody is from this world. We are not that much different“. His main job is polar-bear monitor, fixing trip-wires alarms to protect camps. Russell’s 23 years in the artic is a longer than many make in 50. When Russell says, “I am not sure when I go to bed whether I will wake up in the morning“, we believe him. Be moved. His philosophy, though simple, is contemporary and would serve many of us well. He lives in the moment, looks for what is similar among peoples and is happy.

Coaches can make the mistake of measuring the success of their coachee’s by accomplishment only. This is not right and is not sustainable. Coaches need to coach for repeated success but also for well-being, or an holistic quality of life. Success should not come when it brings damage into the world of the coachee. Invariably then, the outstanding coach will be checking the sustainability of stated objectives and facilitate the shedding of the coachee’s tasks, so they can focus on specific outcomes, including the quality of their existence.

Interview with Inuit guide from Alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

Pictures by  Adventurer, Alistair Humphreys

Angus McLeod, 17 May 17., 2012.

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