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Personal Development Book

Slay That Dragon, Life Just Got Easy! published with Amazon Kindle in 2012 and is now just released as a paper-back book with publisher, CreateSpace.

Working with corporates and coaching executives always creates personal growth and development (PD). Unless an individual is ‘ready-for-change’ this growth may take quite a while. Typically, PD happens between a few minutes and about 18 months. Knowing that PD and particularly, Emotional Intelligence are not fixed, and knowing so much about real performance and behavioural change in executives, it seemed natural for Dr. McLeod to write this book.

Aimed at the domestic market, the book is relevant to everyone whether an executive or not.

Buy the UK Kindle Edition £6.17

Buy the Paper-back, $9.99 plus post (soon to be available with UK and European distribution, watch Amazon page in your country for book listing)