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Angus in Cheltenham

Cathartic Change via Facilitated Coaching

Imagine being able to leverage the facilitation of cathartic change in coachees. What factors are important? What is it like to experience change in silent, self-reflective spaces? This workshop offers discovery, surprise, and a model for coaching, supported by video evidence.
This Gloucestershire Coaching Network event was open to CIPD members and non-members.

Speaker(s): Angus McLeod
Author of 5 coaching, leadership and personal development books. Steered national coaching and mentoring standards (ENTO). Visiting Professor of Coaching at Birmingham City University. Over 20,000 students of coaching trained to diploma level and above (Newcastle College courses and AMA Coaching School courses). Coach of international leaders worldwide.

  • View the presenters slides HERE
  • View the video (after 3rd slide!) HERE

Professor Angus McLeod, PhD.