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Video Masterclasses

We offer a range of coaching masterclasses on video. You can watch one of the several sample videos below. Each of these shows the coaching session and the debriefing with the audience. These debriefings are fantastically educational in teasing out observed tricks of the trade. The full videos are all about an hour and also include the full coaching session AND the film of the debriefing and are available exclusively to members of this site on a pay-to-view basis with six weeks to see the videos as many times as you like. The samples are all free to view.

The above video is Sydney, NSW #2 (more FREE sample videos below)

BUY FULL FEATURE: Sydney coaching master-class for just £8.99 (1 hour) NSW #2:

Video is currently being migrated. Please use the contact form (top navigation) to lety us know your interest!

The above video is Sydney, NSW #1

The above video is ‘Chess’

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