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NSA News

Angus McLeod Associates have extended their partnership arrangements with the National Skills Academy for Manufacturing for a further term. The platform of shared resources are targeted at UK manufacturing industry with coaching (Our certificated AMA coaching team) and ‘coaching skills for managers’ at the heart of the change strategy for management and business improvement. Angus McLeod and colleagues will be participating shortly in a series of educational webinars (along with other official provider-partners to NSA-M) in order to create focus within UK industries to leading-edge interventions for improving and sustaining business efficacy. This is very much a partnership arrangement, harnessing talent to offer the best possible solutions. AMA continue to supply the  ‘AMA Coaching Team’ via 1-2-1 and ‘Day Coach’ schemes. AMA also provide training to both ILM and CMI national levels with courses at levels 3 and 5.