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Blog: Honduras Street Life – Takers and Givers

Part of our ‘Human at Work’ (©AngusMcLeod2011) series, the full slide-show has memorable and striking images by Daniel LeClair for Reuters. You can see the slide-show below. There are many lessons for coaches and coaching-executives but the concept of giving and taking is one I explore here.

A number of self-help and charitable groups work in Honduras and elsewhere to try and eleviate the enormous problems of poverty and child deprivation. In Honduras, the President’s wife puts on old jeans and joins helpers to help in the middle of the night. In every walk of life we have givers and takers. In Honduras the povety-stricken may have good excuses for receiving, when they do. But in our lives, what has made our culture so self-centred and selfish to the extent that ‘me first’ darkens almost all human behaviour from the super-market to the street. The coaching mindset is a force for change.

Professional coaches are net-givers not net-takers. If you see a greedy coach, you are unlucky. The Performance Coaching mindset is one of service, and many of us think of Greenleaf’s idea of the ‘Servant Leader’ on which to found our working practices. So, what if many more of us took these mindsets into more areas of our life-experience? What do you think you will see happening around you?

Let’s help make that cultural shift. Against all odds I still believe that you cannot shine darkness into the world, but you can shine light and make a difference that matters. Be a net-giver.


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