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Blog: Half Full or Half Empty

As part of our ‘Human at Work’ (©AngusMcLeod2011) series you may want to see a slide-show from after the Japanese Tsunami. With lessons to coaches and coaching-executives, the spirit of Japanese people in adversary is hard to match. See the slide-show below. With continuous fire-fighting all of us are susceptible to getting small stuff out of proportion. Reminding ourselves that our glass needs to be half-full and not half-empty is a healthy perspective to hold on to and we can thank Kahlil Gibran for that. “How bad is bad?” & “Calibrate ‘bad for me’?” are good responses to negative thinking about our working predicaments. From calibration comes fresh perspective. From that fresh perspective, the coach in us will look to the first achievable target towards the desired outcome or goal. Things are rarely as bad as we make them.


see the slideshow