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McLeod: Transformational Coaching

McLeod: Sustainable Transformations in Under 30 minutes. At Euro-Coach Conference 16-17 November, 2013., Dr Angus McLeod (Visiting Professor of Coaching at Birmingham City University) will first run through his 4-level coaching model. This model is based upon observations of the coachee and not, as conventionally done, by focussing on the core skills of the coach.

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Blog: Death and Difference

A coach gets very attached to life and change but for over five years I have also enjoyed the regular and predictable visits to my tyre-fitter and other local retailers. My tyres have been fitted by ‘Nod’. First from his garage in Malvern, then near Upton. The routine of these visits was pretty standard, but […]

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NEWS: Partnership with NLP Training Direct

Angus McLeod Associates has just formalized a partnership after project co-work for over 2 years. The first public manifestation of this partnership with ‘NLP Training Direct’ is a launch via Wowcher of our NLP Life-Coaching Course! Reduced from £299 to £39, this course is flying off the shelves (280 people and counting) and only has […]

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Self-Help Kindle-book

Angus McLeod’s latest book, Slay That Dragon – Life Just Got Easy! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0079KSNFS This self-help book helps anyone to recognize the blocks to human passion and energy for life. The Dragons in the title refer to these blocks. In my work over almost 20 years as a counsellor and coach, many Dragons have been chased […]

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Can Blind People Take Good Pictures? How many of us see things as insurmountable and too hard. And how often. Many people have irreversible health issues and may often feel the same way but get on with it. If you want to see a reason to keep on and achieve, look at the audio slide-show […]

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Self-Sabotage I started back at the gym during the Christmas holiday after about 15 months. Going with my partner six days on the trot was great. It is said that about about 6 weeks or so, people often stop appearing at the gym (which is great for the owners who now have less wear & […]

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2010 November

I spent time at the amazing Euro-coach Conference, ec-l 2010, this weekend. It was a great environment to meet, discuss and learn with others who are totally enthralled with the wonderful outcomes that come from excellent coaching. But how does the best coaching happen? Well, at least there is one simple explanation that covers ALL […]

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