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Four Levels of Coaching From Professional to Mastery

I spent time at the amazing Euro-coach Conference, ec-l 2010, this weekend. It was a great environment to meet, discuss and learn with others who are totally enthralled with the wonderful outcomes that come from excellent coaching. But how does the best coaching happen? Well, at least there is one simple explanation that covers ALL coaching everywhere! (Video also)Instead of worrying about the coach, look instead at what happens to their coachees – use that to learn about the skills and competences of the coach! Of course, one way is to set outcomes, makes sure that they are SMARTIES targets/goals and then measure the effect in the performance/behaviours of the coachees.

Now there is another approach and this I revealed to the delightful Euro-coach community in my closing address two days ago. When we look at coachees we see FOUR levels of performance in the coachee-learning:

  1. Intellectial Responses to questions (IR)
  2. Intellectual Pauses (as well as level 1) to challenging questions (IP)
  3. Deeper Accessing (as well as level 2 & 3) with ‘self-reflective experiencing’ (DA), and
  4. Deeper Accessing at a ‘Sustained’ level, typically more than 2 seconds (DAS)

You may reasonably ask, what does DA and DAS look like. The quick answer (and we have video to show you too, see below) is:


  • Eyes go to middle-distance de-focus
  • Stopping of any physical movement (tics)
  • Total silence
  • Absence of ‘stress indicators’


  • As for DA
  • Muscle relaxation

♦Slight nod of the head
♦Relaxation in the jaw
♦Droop in posture

  • Shallow breathing
  • Pallor of the skin reduces
  • Possible ‘cathartic’ learning experience.

To see a video explanation go to this link

To see two video examples illustrating the four levels inclulding DA and DAS, go to this link for instant sign-up to these and other, FREE, member-only resources!