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Self-Help Kindle-book

Angus McLeod’s latest book, Slay That Dragon – Life Just Got Easy!

This self-help book helps anyone to recognize the blocks to human passion and energy for life. The Dragons in the title refer to these blocks. In my work over almost 20 years as a counsellor and coach, many Dragons have been chased out of hiding with delightful consequences!

I’d like to see this run as a course for people; sales of the book will raise the profile of the Dragons and enable me and others to help people to find their own energy and passion, and when things go wrong, to have self-resources to heal themselves.

With all these internet-based initiatives, ‘sooner and together’ is better than later, so if you can read, review, tweet all weekend I will be very grateful indeed – and do please let me know, so I can thank you personally for your help along this way,
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Launched 16th February 2012, by Amazon Kindle.