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Blog: A Wonderful Place

Tarya Seagraves-Quee, a homeless nurse, with three of her four children have been living in Massachusetts in a tiny, dark hotel suite for nearly two months.

Tarya suffers from multiple sclerosis, Aspergers syndrome, anemia and lupus. Two of her children, aged 16 and 6, are autistic. After losing her job, and facing repeated physical abuse from a boyfriend, she spent $700 – almost all her savings — on airline tickets for her family to stay with relatives in Boston. She ended up in a small, gloomy motel on the wrong side of town – in spite of everything she says that this is a ‘wonderful place to live’. Audio slide-show available. This story is part of our ‘Human at Work’ (©AngusMcLeod2011) series.

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Wheel of life

The wheel of life is used as a coaching tool to assist the coachee to learn more about their own thinking, beliefs, motivations and de-motivations. It provides a soft way to work for novice coaches particularly as both parties can look at the tool rather than at one another.

There is no single wheel of life but we offer one with ten segments. There are 3 distinct steps in using the wheel.

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further skills for self-coaching life-style and well-being