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NEWS: e-learning

Dr John McGurk at the CIPD, said:

“Although many firms are still struggling in the private sector, and some are still reining in spending on training, the picture has picked up since last year. Not only have we seen learning and development being prioritised more in the recent recession than in previous ones, we’re also seeing a strong bounce back from firms recognising that investing in skills is the best way of capitalising on recovery.
“With the full impact of the spending cuts yet to be felt in the public sector, maintaining support for employee development by linking it to organisational change is essential if organisations are to steer through these uncertain and challenging times”.

The CIPD report cited also says that of all Learning and training Development interventions, e-learning has made the largest gain with 62% of respondents increasing their use of e-learning in the year to 2010 in a period in which a majority of organisations spent less. The swing to e-learning procurement has INCREASED by 54% in the year 2009-2010 as part of the reduction strategy for ‘learning & development’ spends in organisations.

With experience of supplying applied-learning journey programmes for 20,000 people since 2004, Angus McLeod says, “Most e-learning is tick-box and is useful for increased ‘understanding’ or measuring that understanding as a snap-shot in time. Where we differ is in supplying applied learning that is practical, blended activity-centred learning for which practical application and reflective-practice is required in order to complete assessments. This means that learners can be stimulated by a whole host of activities:

  • reading
  • researching
  • applying at work
  • observing others
  • watching video tutorials
  • participating in webinars
  • attending small-group tutorial sessions, or
  • meeting and learning with other in an online community”.

AMA objectives remain the same, to stimulate behavioural and performance competences that are observable and therefore measurable. For that, practical experience and blended-learning in our programmes are absolute.

Perhaps we now need a new name for these offerings as they are at variance with the bulk of e-learning on offer! Suggestions anyone?!

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