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Resourceful Space (Coaching Models & Methods)

See a video about resourceful space showing how it is used in practice

Instructions for use

The coach can say something like,
You know the expression ‘take a step back’? Sometimes moving from where we are can help us to change how we experience things. From what you have been saying, it seems that you are in a space that I might call ‘stuck’ or ‘not-fully resourceful’ – what would you call it?

Imagine then that there is another space in this room that is more resourceful, where your perceptions of these issues is clinical, pragmatic and effective. And when you do that, where is that space and can you tell me where it is?

And so, in a moment, when you choose, I invite you to move to that ‘success’ space and as you move, leaving behind the experience you have here and towards taking on the success experience that is fully in that space over there, okay?’

If you wish to move someone away from an ‘unresourceful space’ covertly, you can take a break and move the chairs on the way out or up on your return, saying, ‘do you mind if we move nearer the window?’ for example. Couple this with a more energetic demeanour as you move to the new seating positions.

Where do you go from here?

Within the tool:

Where someone has been unresourceful in their chair and you have already moved to facilitate a sensory Journey or Perceptual Positions, think about inviting them back to take another seat in the room, rather than the one that was unresourceful after that tool has finished.

Using other tools to follow on from this

You could invite thoughts about how this tool can be used in other situations. At work for example or in regard to more effective sleeping patterns. See Pace and Lead to enhance this tool further.

This is adapted from the book by Angus McLeod & Will Thomas. Buy the book.