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Leader Qualities

picos-cows-221Trust is paramount. Researched with hundreds of senior executives, we report a definitive Leader Quality list. The Leader Qualities are shown below. Leader Qualities mark out the best of the best when a manager has the full deck. They provide a benchmark to establish both current and desired objectives – all Qualities can be honed and developed in any manager. Coaching is a great modality for facilitating the gap between current and desired skills in Leader Qualities! So, what is it like to work for someone who is less-skilled as a leader? We’ve all had experiences of people who are horrible to work with. And, who do you know that is top of your chart for leader skills; who is a delight to work with? When you think about your top leader, how do they rank on the  measures of leadership below?

  1. Clear communicator
  2. Straight talking
  3. Flexible (adaptive, but in predictable ways)
  4. Reliable & consistent (TF) – predictable behaviours
  5. Accepts responsibility (TF) – takes the blame
  6. Discrete (TF)
  7. Credible
  8. Walks the talk (TF) – does as preaches
  9. Authentic (TF) – is seen as genuine; ‘the real thing’
  10. Listens intently
  11. Understands motivations
  12. Supportive of individuals (TF)
  13. Interested in individuals (TF)

Seven Leader Qualities are labelled as ‘TF’ Qualities. These are ‘Trust Factor’ Qualities. Consistency in their use is vital – a single error may damage trust permanently, as seen in the figure!

Trust Building and Freefall







What about failures in demonstrating Trust Factor Qualities? For example, it is horrible to work for someone who exhibits unpredictability. They create stress and anxiety. Anger and resentment may be your reactions to someone who covers up their own responsibility and places blame near you. A manager shares your privileged information to others and may never have your respect or trust again…

TF Leader Qualities are incredibly important and yet, so often, managers are appointed because management’s perceptions about them fail to include a measure of their ability as a manager/leader. Rarely are these people up-skilled.

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Interview techniques using the Leader Qualities can lead to revealing conversations; are they blind to their weaknesses? Are they open, learning and coherent in explaining how they developed as humans and leaders?

The weaknesses, or ‘lesser-skills’ in these Leader Qualities become obvious on the job. Times of stress will lead to interpersonal issues and discontent among colleagues. If a coach is on hand, these issues can be nipped in the bud before greater harm is done within the team.                      Schedule a Conversation with Angus McLeod.

Following posts will cover all the seven ‘Trust Factor’ Leader Qualities. In fact there are 19 Leader Qualities with a further six sub-traits being aspects of Credibility – you can see all of these in ‘Self Coaching Leadership’, John Wiley. Buy the book. You can free-subscribe to receive notice of these posts on the first ‘Leader Trait’ post (LINK BELOW). Emails come every 3-4 weeks with a direct link to the hot post!

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