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Heart Coach

muffinThe Muffin Men of Saint Monica, USA started collecting food and distributing to the needy in their retirements. 24 years on and they are still doing this in their 70’s & 80’s! It’s a compelling story about people who have hearts – and a lesson for coaches too. See the video:


Giving, rather than taking is a pre-requisite of both great facilitative coaches and of the greatest manager/leaders. When heads rule our hearts, there is organizational-danger of manipulation, power, upper-hand politics. None of these has any use in the dynamics of the team or in meeting the team’s overall potential for both efficacy and wellbeing. When we see others for their strengths and for their potential and seek through normal, human kindness to help them grow, we have truly grown up as well. The Muffin Men’s obvious pleasure in ‘doing the right thing’ is palpable. Do you get a lump in your throat when you watch this video? What can we do now to step in that right direction for the greater good of all, and less for ‘me’?


April, 2014.

part of the #humanatwork series from Angus McLeod Associates

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